Are you looking for an alternative building material for a driveway?

Instead of tarmac or block paving how about having a look at the differences in a resin driveway. Anti slip and with a stunning smooth appearance, a resin driveway could be just what you are looking for.

Available in a wide range of colours, a resin driveway is created by mixing aggregates with a UV resin. The mixture is then laid by hand and can be applied on the top of your existing driveway, saving time and money having to demolish your existing paving. A resin driveway is ideal if you have a small or odd shaped driveway or your driveway is on a slope. The resin mixture finds its way into every crack and crevice and is a perfect solution for customers looking for something a little bit different than the norm.

A resin driveway has a stunning finish and is very easy to maintain. Weeds cannot grow through the mixture and the surface is oil and petrol resistant too. There is a wide combination of colours that can be achieved with this building material and because of the UV resin used, the colour will not fade over time.

Speak to a member of our team who can show you pictures of completed resin driveways in your area or take a look at our Bark page for more pictures and information about our company.

All resin driveways are fully guaranteed for your peace of mind. We can also carry on with the resin to the back of the house to include a resin patio, pathway, shed base or children´s play area. Our team are more than happy to help you decide on which aggregate and colour combination will best suit your property.

For a great looking resin driveway that is built to last, contact our friendly team at South London Drives today on 020 8485 6397 , we look forward to helping you.

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